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Why Is Marketing
Engagement So Elusive?

Most marketers understand the challenges involved in trying to convert unknown visitors and followers into known leads. Motivating prospects to engage with your content is a critical aspect of the customer journey, but it requires the right tools. At Act-On, we aim to equip you with everything you need to solve this marketing challenge and increase the amount of revenue coming through your door.

How Does Marketing Automation Help Me Engage More Customers?

Landing Pages and Form CaptureWebsite Personalization

Social Media ManagementSEO Audits

Personalizing your marketing doesn’t have to be a pain; it doesn’t have to drain your resources; and it doesn’t have to involve weeks or even months of manual labor. Act-On’s marketing automation platform allows you to deliver the right content and resources to your prospects at the best time — maximizing engagement and driving conversions.

80% of marketing automation users

experienced an increase in leads and conversions.


Gather Valuable Prospect Information

Before you can build a customer relationship, you need to collect some basic contact information — you need to capture the conversion.

Landing pages are the capture points your prospects arrive at once they begin researching your company. Once there, the goal is to entice them to complete a form to provide valuable contact and business information. Our easy-to-use platform and template library make it simple to build personalized and responsive landing pages and forms that generate results.


Increase Social Engagement

Your prospects spend a lot of time on social media, and many of them use this medium to discover solutions to their most pressing pain points. Imagine the impact on your business if they read, viewed, and shared your content across their social networks.

Act-On’s Advanced Social Media module allows you to leverage social media to optimize brand visibility and create relationships with expanding circles of people interested in what you offer. Integrate social into all of your content, find and engage your most relevant tweeters, and even benchmark against your competitors.


Personalize Your Website

Recent studies show that 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content isn’t personalized to their needs or interests (1). To capture your audience’s attention, you should focus on personalizing your website and other digital marketing initiatives to deliver customized experiences for each prospect and customer based on their behaviors and characteristics.

Act-On’s Adaptive Web makes this possible for every marketer with very little work. Rather than providing one static digital journey for each visitor, our solution creates a unique adventure for every user and becomes more customized with every session.


Help Customers Find You Through SEO

The majority of your audience will use a search engine to research a product or service. Ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs) and motivating your prospects to click through depends on how well your content is optimized.

Act-On helps you discover and implement best practices for optimization so you can attract more prospects to your website. Our SEO Audit tools evolves as search engines change their search and ranking algorithms, so you’re always on the right path toward true search engine optimization.


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