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Act-On Makes Executing Your Best Campaigns Simple

With Act-On, you’ll be able to better track, score, measure, connect, learn, and adapt your marketing efforts to individual buyer journeys.

Website traffic grew 300% in the first 7 months, webinar registrations jumped by 470%.

Inbound Marketing

Act-On has proven success in maximizing customer awareness and ultimately helping you convert as many unknown visitors to known prospects.

Attract More Prospects

Build Beautiful Landing Pages That Convert

With Act-On, any marketer can create and embed great looking landing pages that are optimized for conversions with no coding skills required.

Improve Website Engagement

Get full visibility of both known and anonymous user behavior on your website in real time for all accounts and contacts. Leverage behavior-based data to make content recommendations.

Convert Social Media Followers Into Leads

Create, manage, and optimize social campaigns that build engagement and then convert your followers to qualified leads and satisfied customers.

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Outbound Marketing

Outbound is in our DNA. Our platform outperforms all others in helping you segment, score, and nurture contacts and target accounts.

Convert Leads Into Customers

Automated Nurture Campaigns

Our platforms’ easy-to-use workflows and intuitive logic empower users to create successful nurturing campaigns, manage new and existing leads,  and trigger automated programs at a moment’s notice.

Automated Lead Scoring

Lead scoring allows users to better understand the quality of their leads and where they’re at in the sales process. Use our pre-defined scoring templates or build your own for customers or prospects interested in specific products or services.

Automated List Management

Create, segment, and clean your email lists from one simple location with unlimited segmentation based on user attributes and behavior. Then send targeted, tailored messages to your ideal prospects and loyal customers.

20x increase in sales opportunities by giving a window into lead activity.

Sales Effectiveness

With the most native CRM integrations, Act-On empowers more sales teams with more intelligence, driving shorter sales cycles and more revenue for your business.

Explore CRM Integrations

Drill Down With Account-Based Marketing

Develop targeted account views to narrow your audience and tailor your messaging by industry, geography, revenue, and more while gaining visibility into your ideal customers.

Automated Progressive Profiling

Once integrated with your CRM, Act-On automates your prospect profiling through a series of intuitive form updates based on previous user behavior, which helps eliminate user burden and improve conversion rates.

Useful Templates For Easy Follow Up

Act-On provides pre-designed, customizable email templates that make follow-up a breeze and increase the likelihood of converting leads into sales.

With the reporting tools in Act-On directly tied to our CRM (Salesforce), we’re getting real dollar amounts back to our campaigns.

Verifying Marketing ROI

Act-On enables you to prove the success of your marketing programs and campaigns by showing which ones directly impact your organization’s revenue and growth goals.

Explore Analytics and Reporting

Measure What Matters

Our marketing funnel reporting software empowers marketers to track the prospect journey at key intervals throughout the sales process and deliver potent messaging at the perfect time.

Access Your Data On Your Time

With Act-On’s data-driven marketing tools, users can easily share all or some of their data with their preferred audiences in real time, which allows for improved communication and collaboration throughout the optimization process.

Turn Information Into Action

When you implement and utilize marketing automation to its full potential, you’re going to receive enormous amounts of data that can feel overwhelming. Our platform makes it easy to interpret data and make it actionable.

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