Act-On Integrates with WebEx

Act-On integrates seamlessly with the WebEx service platform, making it easier and faster for you to create and deploy promotional email campaigns, track responses, follow up, and share attendance information with your marketing and CRM databases in synched prospect activity histories.

Act-On Integrates with WebEx

Run WebEx from within the Act-On interface

You don’t have to leave your marketing dashboard to access your WebEx Event Center account. Just log into your WebEx account from your Act-On Webinars page, and Act-On will create and maintain a WebEx connector.

Keep sales informed

If you’ve integrated Act-On with your CRM system, then your sales reps will be able to see every prospect at every stage of the webinar process. What once required a lot of manual spreadsheet shuffling now happens behind the scenes, automatically.

Easy end-to-end webinar support

You build your creative elements (landing pages, registration forms, email templates), select your invitation lists, and schedule the timing of communications. Then, sit back as Act-On’s automated processes execute according to your plan.


  • Communicates with WebEx to create the event
  • Sends out the invitation messages at the times you specify, to the lists you choose
  • Gives you trackable links to your event landing page and registration form for ads and tweets
  • Sends “Last Chance” messages to people who did not respond earlier
  • Automatically updates the event’s attendee list and keeps it up to date
  • Sends reminders to registrants, with information needed to join the event
  • Connects automatically with WebEx and extracts the attendee participation list
  • Gets a link to the recording of the event, if one was made
  • Manages an eCommerce connection if you’re charging admission

Follow up after the event

If you’ve set up lead scoring, registrants and attendees will have their actions noted and scored in their profiles. In addition, Act-On extracts the attendee participation list and gets a link to the recording of the event (if one was made), and compares the list of attendees against the list of people who were invited, suggesting follow-up messages that are appropriate for the level of interest shown. For example, a “Thank You” message with a call to action to people who attended, and a “Sorry We Missed You” message containing a link to the recording to those who registered but did not attend.

Act-On helps you manage a heavy webinar schedule

  • If you run a lot of webinars, Act-On can save you tremendous amounts of time and effort.
  • You can jumpstart new webinar creation by using a successful past webinar as a blueprint for the new one. As a particularly useful time-saving feature, Act-On can automatically inherit and adapt the creative and scheduling elements to the new webinar.
  • If you run large multi-session webinars that are delivered using different WebEx sessions at different times, just set up the first session, tell Act-On about the additional session times and watch it generate *everything* needed for these sessions automatically.
  • Act-On handles the promotion and last chance campaigns for all the sessions in a unified way. As people sign up for specific sessions, it manages the reminders and follow-ups for each session separately. Finally, it rolls up the data from all the sessions in generating the overall reports.