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Welcome to the Rethink Podcast brought to you by Act-On Software. We chat with interesting professionals who are rethinking how they approach business strategy and innovation, modern marketing, sales, and more. Listen to get insightful, actionable tips.

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Title Duration
RR 14 | Rewind with Andy Zimmerman and the Business Case for Personalization
In this Rethink Rewind episode, Evergage’s Andy Zimmerman discusses the business case for personalization for B2B companies.
Ep. 45 | Create a More Engaging Website That Converts Traffic
In this week’s Rethink Podcast, Orbit Media's Andy Crestodina shares his strategies for creating a more engaging website that converts more traffic.
Ep. 44 | How Thought Leadership Can Drive Demand Generation
In this Rethink Podcast episode, we chat with Hari Raghavan, Act-On’s PR Programs manager, about how thought leadership can drive demand generation.
Ep. 43 | Five UX Design Techniques Marketers Should Adopt
Ep. 42 | Using Video and Social Media to Win Better Earned Media
In this Rethink Podcast, PNNL's Greg Kunkel shares tips for how to use video and social media to win bigger, and better earned media.
RR 13 | Rewind Interview with Ann Handley and What is Content Marketing
In this Rethink Rewind Podcast, Ann Handley answers the question of what is content marketing and how you can use it in your business.
Ep. 41 | Using Conversation Intelligence to Close More Sales
In this week’s Rethink episode, Amit Bendov, the CEO of, talks about using conversation intelligence to close more sales.
RR 12 | Rewind Interview with Brian Carroll on Empathetic Marketing
In this Rethink Rewind episode, Brian Carroll offers three tips for how marketers can get started today practicing empathetic marketing.
Ep. 40 | Our Secrets to a Successful Sales Demo
In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we chat with Act-On’s Karra Hendrix about her secrets to a successful sales demo.
RR. 11 | Rewind with Larry Kim and Rethink Your Content Strategy
In this Rethink Rewind episode, Larry Kim, CEO of Mobile Monkey, suggests we rethink our content strategy and focus on our unicorns.
Ep. 39 | Putting the Person in Personalization
In this Rethink Podcast episode, Andy Zimmerman, the CMO of Evergage, discusses the current state of personalization for B2B companies and how-to steps for getting started today.
RR. 10 | Rewind with Aaron Bird and Measuring Marketing Efforts
In this Rethink Rewind podcast episode, Aaron Bird, the CEO of Bizible, shares his advice for measuring marketing efforts
Ep. 38 | Best Practices for Your Next Marketing Trade Show or Event
In this Rethink Podcast, Noelle Nolan and Kelly Pugh share their tips, hacks and best practices for your next marketing trade show or event.
RR. 9 | Rewind Interview with Jill Rowley and the Sales and Marketing Alignment
In this Rethink Rewind Podcast, Jill Rowley shares her insights on how the evolving buyer's journey is changing the sales and marketing alignment.
Ep. 37 | Five Tips For Driving Innovation at Your Company
In this Rethink Podcast episode, Tina Wung from Anheuser-Busch InBev shares five tips for driving innovation within your company.
Ep. 36 | Best Practices for Your Domain Renewal and Domain Registration
In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, Josh Cherian shares some best practices for your domain renewal and domain registration.
RR 8 | Rewind Interview with Kent Lewis and Building a Great Marketing Team
In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, Kent Lewis discusses The Swing and how to use it for building a great marketing team.
Ep. 35 | Rethink Your Email Marketing Strategy
In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we interview Michael Barber about rethinking your email marketing strategy for 2017 and beyond.
RR 7 | Rewind Interview with Linda West and the Big Idea
In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, we revisit our conversation with Linda West who talks about adding the Big Idea to your marketing plan.
Ep. 34 | Brainstorming Creativity for Your Next Marketing Campaign
In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we interview Tyler Farnsworth about brainstorming creativity for your next marketing campaign.
RR. 6 | Rewind Interview with Matt Heinz on Sales and Marketing Alignment
In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, we return to our conversation with Matt Heinz about how to put into practice sales and marketing alignment.
Ep. 33 | Content Marketing Across the Buying Journey with Ann Handley
In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, Ann Handley joins the podcast to talk about content marketing across the buying journey.
RR. 5 | Rewind Interview with Ann Handley
In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, we return to our conversation with Ann Handley, who talks about content marketing for small teams.
Ep. 32 | What You Need To Know About Editorial Calendars
In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, McKenzie Ingram, a content strategist for Act-On Software, tells us what you need to know about editorial calendars.
RR. 4 | Rewind Interview with Daniel Kushner
Ep. 31 | Successful Branding Tips from the Craft Beer Industry
In this Rethink Podcast episode, Isaac Arthur shares his insights and successful branding tips for the craft beer industry, and how it may apply to you.
RR. 3 | Rewind Interview with Tyler Lessard and the Power of Video Marketing
In this Rethink Rewind podcast extra, Tyler Lessard, vice president of marketing at Vidyard, talks about the power of video marketing and some quick ways to get started.
Ep. 30 | Understanding GDPR Implications For Your Business
In this Rethink Podcast episode, Act-On's David Fowler discusses the GDPR implications for your business and what you should start doing to be compliant.
RR. 2 | Rewind with Scott Brinker and the 2017 Marketing Technology Supergraphic
In this Rethink Rewind, we take another listen to our conversation with Scott Brinker discussing his marketing technology supergraphic.
Ep. 29 | Building A Marketing Revenue Attribution Magic Eight Ball
In this Rethink Podcast, Bizible CEO Aaron Bird shares tips and insights on how to better understand marketing revenue attribution.
RR. 1 | The Two Types of Unicorn Content Every Marketer Needs To Know
We take another look at our interview with Larry Kim and the two types of unicorn content every marketing should know - temporal and evergreen.
Ep. 28 | Marketing Roundtable: Talking About Adaptive Journeys
In this Rethink Podcast, our Marketing Roundtable talks about Act-On Software's recent Adaptive Journeys campaign launch.
Ep. 27 | How to Create Content Unicorns and Ignore the Donkeys
Larry Kim believes you can create unicorn content by focusing on one metric - engagement
Ep. 26 | Why Email Deliverability Matters with Caitlin Flask
In this Rethink Podcast episode, Caitlin Flask, Act-On's Digital Marketing Manager, discusses why email deliverability matters for marketers.
Ep. 25 | When Marketers Should Consider a Digital Asset Management Tool with Cathy McPhillips
Learn when its time to graduate from speadsheets for tracking all your content
Ep. 24 | Web Design Tips with Audie Roldan
From low-fidelity sketches to checking your ego at the door, what you need to know about good design
Ep. 23 | The Benefits of Integrating Marketing Automation with your CRM with Jesse Heller
In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we chat with Jesse Heller about the benefits of integrating marketing automation with your CRM.
Ep. 22 | Five Tips For The New CMO with Michelle Huff
New to the Executive Suite? These tips can help you plan for success
Ep. 21 | Master Marketing Automation Like a Game of Chess with Phil Bosley
Ep. 20 | Best Practices for Keeping Your Marketing Data Clean with Al Troxell
Ep. 19 | How to use Social Media to Convert More B2B Leads with Daniel Kushner
Ep. 18 | Building a High-Performance Marketing Plan with Linda West
Ep. 17 | Tying Your B2B Marketing to Revenue Attribution and Other Reporting Insights
Ep. 16 | Quick Tips on Mapping Your Content to Your Customer's Journey
Ep. 15 | Marketing Mobility 2.0: An Interview BMW's ReachNow CEO
Ep. 14 | Podcast Interviewing Tips from Radio's Handyman Bob
Ep. 13 | What It Means To Become An Advocate Marketer with Jill Rowley
Ep. 12 | Quick Tips for a Successful Webinar with Rachel Rosin
Ep. 11 (Part Two) | Creating a Profit-Centered Marketing Department with Matt Heinz
Ep. 11 (Part One) | Profit-Centered Marketing and More with Matt Heinz
EP. 10 | What Risks Marketers Should Consider with the Internet of Things (IoT)
Ep. 9 | 6 Entrepreneurship Lessons From a Portland Realtor
Ep. 8 | Search Marketing In 2017, What You Need to Know
Ep. 7 | Unlimited Vacation, the Gig Economy, and Employee Engagement
Ep. 6 | Four Key Pillars of Account-Based Marketing with ListenLoop's Rodrigo Fuentes
Ep. 5 | When to Rebrand Your Company with Puppet's Suzame Tong
Ep. 4 | Interview with Scott Brinker from ion interactive on the Modern Marketer
Ep. 3 | Unlocking the Power of Video Marketing with Tyler Lessard
Ep. 2 | Interview with Kent Lewis on the Future of Digital Agencies
Ep. 1 | An Interview with Brian Carroll About Empathetic Marketing
Podcast Archive: Marketing Automation Beyond Lead To Revenue
Podcast Archive: Ann Hadley discusses content marketing for small teams
Podcast Archive: Inside Sales
Podcast Archive: Agile Selling
Podcast Archive: How Marketing Can Contribute To Revenue
Podcast Archive: David Raab Discusses Building Your Marketing Technology Stack
Podcast Archive: What Sales and Marketing Will Look Like In 2015
Podcast Archive: Best Practices For Choosing a Marketing Automation Solution
Podcast Archive: A Demand Generation Conversation With Jay Hidalgo
In this Rethink Podcast archive extra, Jay Hidalgo shares his tips for best practices - personas, alignment, and content - for success demand generation
Podcast Archive: Lead Qualification
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